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Lite Master Limited was established in 1991. We offer both OEM design and manufacturing as well as rebranding of our existing products. Over the past 20 years we have partnered with renowned global brands to design and manufacture premium products.

We are based in Hong Kong with seasoned product design engineers. A network of partnerships with manufacturing facilities to realize the design.

We specializes in design and fabrication of advanced metallic portable illumination equipments:

  • General Purpose Flashlights (Pen Light, Pocket / Key-Chain Light, Doctor Light, Heavy-Duty Light)
  • Multi-purpose Flashlights - Versatile multifunctional lights suitable for Travelling, Camping and Automobile purposes lighting and signaling torch lights.
  • Special Purposes Flashlights - Bicycle, Diving, Outdoor, Home and Automobile flashlights
  • Utilization of high-power Vacuum Bulb, Krypton Bulb, Xenon Bulb, Halogen Bulb and the latest LED technologies.
  • Dry-cell powered or rechargeable.
  • Other lighting or non-lighting solutions - you name it!

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